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Features & Functionality

Q) How do I sync sites, bookmarks and article read status?

A) To sync your data across devices, you’ll need a NetNewsWire Cloud Sync Account. You can learn more about that here.

Q) What is the purpose of “Smart Site Refresh”?

A) Smart Site Refresh changes the refresh behavior of NetNewsWire. With Smart Site Refresh turned off, a refresh will affect all sites in the Sites List. With Smart Site Refresh turned on, a refresh will only apply to Favorite Sites.

With both Smart Site Refresh and Hide Read Items enabled, it’s possible to arrange NetNewsWire such that you'll only ever see new articles from your favorite sites!

Q) How do I mark a site as a Favorite?

A) In the Sites List, swipe any site row to the left to expose the Mark as Favorite button.

Q) How do I bookmark an article?

A) In any article list, swipe an article row to the left to expose the Bookmark button. Alternatively, tap an article to begin reading it, then tap the Bookmark button near the top.

Q) How do I use keyboard shortcuts?

A) You will need an iPad-compatible Bluetooth keyboard paired to your device. You can hold the command key to see a list of available shortcuts in any view, but here is a mostly complete list:


  • cmd-1: Sites view
  • cmd-2: Unread view
  • cmd-3: Today view
  • cmd-4: Bookmarks view
  • cmd-5: Favorites view
  • esc: Go back
  • arrow-left: Go back
  • cmd-R: Refresh All

Sites view:

  • cmd-N: Add Site
  • arrow-up: Previous site in list
  • arrow-down: Next site in list
  • arrow-right: View selected site
  • return: View selected site

Article list:

  • cmd-B: Bookmark
  • cmd-K: Mark All as Read/Unread
  • cmd-U: Toggle Read Status
  • cmd-N: Open Add Sites view
  • cmd-R: Refresh All
  • arrow-up: Previous article in list
  • arrow-down: Next article in list
  • arrow-right: View selected article
  • return: View selected article
  • opt-arrow-up: Scroll selected article up
  • opt-arrow-down: Scroll selected article down
  • spacebar: Scroll selected article down (coming soon)
  • shift-spacebar: Scroll selected article up (coming soon)

Add Site:

  • tab: Switch views
  • arrow-up: Select previous Popular Sites row
  • arrow-down: Select next Popular Sites row
  • spacebar: Toggle selection
  • return: Confirm