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Features & Functionality

Q) How do I sync sites, bookmarks and article read status?

A) To sync your data across devices, you’ll need a NetNewsWire Cloud Sync Account. You can learn more about that here.

Q) How do I import my current subscriptions into NetNewsWire 4?

A) When first launched, NetNewsWire will offer to import from NetNewsWire 3. To import from an OPML file, skip the import option and click Site > Import > Import from OPML...


Q) How do I purchase NetNewsWire 4?

A) You can purchase right from within NetNewsWire. Just click the green "Buy" button in the window title bar and complete the purchase form. You can also visit our web store if you are purchasing multiple licenses, or prefer to order on the web.

Q) Will NetNewsWire 4 be available on the Mac App Store?

A) Yes, it’s available now.

Q) Is there an upgrade discount for NetNewsWire 3 customers?

A) There is no upgrade discount, but we think NetNewsWire 4 is very reasonably priced.

Technical Support

Q) How do I send feedback or ask for help?

A) From NetNewsWire 4, you can go to the Help menu and select "Send Feedback...", or you can email us at

Q) How do I activate NetNewsWire 4 on a new Mac?

A) NetNewsWire 4 can be activated by either using the "Click to Activate" link in your order confirmation email, or by downloading the license file available from the same link, and dragging it into the Registration window.

Q) I've lost my license email. How can I get a new copy of it?

A) Send an email to for assistance.